Hello, My name is Zachary Dahan A French Web Developer.


Tempo is a web project using the WebAudio API. People can create sound universe from four substyle of electro : Future, Dubstep, Deephouse and Drum n' Bass. (My favorite are dubstep and deephouse.)

  • Preparation time 2 weeks
  • Technologies used WebAudio API, Plain JS, Custom base.
  • Collaborators 2 Developers, 1 Designer
  • Links GitHubProject


Cryptowatch is a prototye that track cryptocurrencies market cap. It fetches fresh data with rxjs at an event-scaled interval and support multiple currencies.

  • Preparation time 1 week
  • Technologies used React, Redux, RxJS (+redux-observable).
  • Collaborators 1 Designer (logo)
  • Links GitHubDownload


WeAreKiabi is a community platform for Kiabi's customers. There people can share their look, sell clothes and discuss. I made this project with a team of 5 persons at Extreme Sensio.

  • Preparation time 3 months
  • Technologies used React, Redux.
  • Collaborators 5 front-end, 2 back-end
  • Link Project

DoFine Music

DoFine Music is a musical springboard for young talents. I made a platform allowing spectators to vote for their favorite band. Votes were authenticated with Facebook and results available on the Wordpress' administration.

4L Trophy : Pauline & Margaux

Pauline & Margaux (MP Gaz'L) is a team concurring at the 4L Trophy. They sought a digital solution to earn support. Our concept was a platform where people were able to make free donations to charity related to 4L Trophy and keep them informed of MP Gaz'L journeys.

  • Preparation time 1 week
  • Technologies used Wordpress, jQuery.
  • Collaborators 1 Developer, 1 Designer
  • Links Project